All Who are Wise and Who are In Christ Jesus Should Read This Paragraph

This is the blog author speaking directly to you the reader. I have labored intensely to understand God’s heart and mind on the issue of divorce for the unequally yoked. Dr. Greg Bahnsen had an intellect that far surpasses mine, and everyone who wants to know what God’s word actually says about divorce and remarriage would be a fool if they do not read the 5 part Theses he wrote in 1984 that I have placed on this blog. I apologize for breaking it into 5 parts, but so many will not read a larger article. I have studied divorce from a biblical standpoint for four years, which has given me the foundation to see the brilliance of Bahnsen’s Theses. I will be studying his theses in depth for the next few weeks and months, and I will write again at that time. Bear in mind, the “no divorce ever crowd” will treat every divorced person like a second class Christian at best, but I believe that many of God’s children are sinning by remaining in their unequally yoked marriages. One last note: Bahnsen’s Theses makes “fornication” the critical and only grounds for divorce, but pay close attention to how God’s word defines fornication.

Christ’s Continued Blessings to all the beloved of the Lord.


About Joe Porter

By the abundant lovingkindness and grace of God I have been in Christ for nearly 40 years. I live to love and serve God in whatever capacity He has in mind. And can do no other but to follow my conscience as scripture and reason guide me threw the shadow lands. I raised 5 children one of whom now sees clearly as he walks on streets of gold. God has blessed me after all these years with a godly, prudent wife. I cannot imagine a greater gift on the earth. I have a Masters of Divinity from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City. I own a business in Nebraska, but I live to serve God. I have preached in three different churches for a period of 10 years. I love preaching God's word. Because of my divorce I am not currently serving in any official capacity, but I know that the Lord has a ministry for me. My goal is to write a book on the topic of divorce when unequally yoked, and this blog is a step in that direction. No brother or sister in Christ should divorce their spouse solely upon the advice they find here or anywhere else for that matter. Immerse yourself in God's word, and go before the Lord--wait upon Him and He will make it clear when the time comes that you are called to repent of your unequally yoked marriage. Christ's continued blessings, Joe View all posts by Joe Porter

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